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This paint company will pay you $10,000 to travel the country as a “color explorer” — City Women & co

April 24, 2019 at 07:51AM by CWC If scrolling through Instagram photos of Coachella, the poppy fields in California, or the French Quarter in New Orleans gives you the itch to travel, you’re probably in need of a road trip. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would just pay you to travel throughout the country, […]

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Why you shouldn’t believe the bad press about Naples

Just this last month, Ryanair have started flying to a few destinations from Exeter airport (hurrah, for the South West!) so, being rather thrifty, I chose my Easter getaway not on where I desired to go, but on price.

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Turkey: The Crossroads of Europe and Asia

Hoşgeldiniz and welcome to the Mediterranean country that is not only home to the city that straddles Europe and Asia but also has a history more diverse than any Asian or European country. Turkey, or officially the Republic of Turkey, has a comprehensive history of culture, religion, trade and commerce, making it a fascinating country to visit. On your tour, you will explore a 1,000 year old cathedral turned into a museum, a 4,000 year old city and central location for a very bloody battle, a bazaar where bargaining is an art form and many more unforgettable experiences. Join us on our journey through the country in the center of the world as we take you exploring through Turkey!

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I spent much of my childhood in Arizona thanks to my grandparents being snowbirds, so it holds a very special place in my heart. As an adult, I have built a lot of wonderful memories there as well, and as much as I’d like to continue exploring new places, my heart still takes me back from time to time. Now I’ve had the opportunity to show my daughter the desert, and I’m sharing my experiences with you as well. Here is how to make the best out of a family vacation in Scottsdale.


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Europes busiest routes – 8 out of top 10 start at Heathrow —


There may be bigger airports with more routes, but still, despite its congestion and bursting at the seams capacity issues, London Heathrow still holds 8 of Europe’s top ten routes.

  1. LHR- JFK New York is the busiest route out of Europe with almost 3,000,000 annual passengers, heavily dominated by BA and American who between them carry some 60% (BA 40 American 20). Virgin Atlantic manages nearly 29% with Delta just over 10%.
  2. The JKF route jumped to first because the busiest route prior to that was LHR-DXB. That fell from over 3,200,000 to under 2,675,000 because both Qantas and Royal Brunei stopped flying via DXB. Qantas went via Singapore and Royal Brunei started flying the Dreamliner direct.
  3. LHR-Dublin, Ireland. This is entirely operated by IAG through BA and Aer Lingus, with a 65:35 split in favour of BA. Frankly its an atrocious situation when one airline group gets to hold a complete control over such a busy route.
  4. Istanbul-Tehran with an increase of almost 10% in passengers between the two airports. It now tops over 1,745,000 people a year.
  5. Heathrow-Amsterdam Schipol grew by 3%  to 1,727,000
  6. Heathrow-LAX is now running at over 1,612,000
  7. Heathrow-Singapore is approaching 1,600,000 up nearly 16%
  8. Heathrow-Hong Kong nearly 1,550,000
  9. Paris CDG-Madrid at 1,311,000
  10. Heathrow-Mumbai up 15.5% at 1,112,000 passengers

Fastest growing routes include Palma de Mallorca-Düsseldorf, Zurich-Berlin Tegel, Heathrow-Singapore (largely because of the Qantas re-routing), Madrid-Paris, Amsterdam-Dublin and Istanbul-Tel Aviv Ben Gurion in Israel.


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Who Needs Nature? You Can Now Go Glamping in One of Chicago’s Plushest Penthouses — Robb Report

Love camping but hate nature? The Gwen Hotel has you covered.

Located in the landmark McGraw-Hill building in downtown Chicago, the hotel has launched a glamping experience that turns every hardship of camping into a luxury. It’s available only to guests of the hotel’s 16th-floor signature Gwen Luxe Suite, a two-bedroom penthouse that can only be booked by phone (call 312.645.1500 to reserve it) and features its own dining room, living room, and, most importantly, a 1,000-square-foot terrace. It is on that terrace—one of the largest in the city, with views of the Chicago River, Wrigley Building, and Magnificent Mile—where you can “rough it” with the hotel’s new Glamping Experience.

Available May to September, and starting at $4,000 per night, the experience transforms the Gwen Luxe Suite’s terrace into an al fresco wonderland. Inside a spacious Lotus Belle tent, mango wood-topped tables, hand-knitted seat cushions, an Indian braided jute rug, colorful textiles and glided quatrefoil lanterns surround a custom queen-size Black Pearl bed topped with Frette linens.


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Flying to Malta airport and getting to Gozo and Comino islands — Airports and hotels

When planning for upcoming summer adventures, many travellers consider booking flights to one of the hottest destinations for digital nomads this year, the Republic of Malta. However, a frequently asked question arises when it comes to searching for this specific route: how many airports are there in Malta? Located in its capital city, Valetta, Malta has just one international airport, which functions as gateway for visitors into the main island as well as into Comino and Gozo. Actually, these two smaller pieces of paradise have a heliport each, but travellers tend to use ferry boatsand water taxis instead, which are quite affordable and do not take long to arrive, to get to the Maltese islands.

Terminals of Malta International airport

Malta airport has one passenger terminal building only, which serves as operational base for Air Malta and Medavia in the country and accommodates a varied array of passenger services, shops, cafés and restaurants –both on the landside and the airside-, a VIP lounge, conference facilities for business travellers, an observation deck for aviation geeks and enthusiasts, several charging stations for electronic devices across the premises and a high-speed WiFi network accessible at no charge.

Flights to Malta

If you are looking for flights to Malta, know that some of the main international airlines operating routes within Europe and abroad offer seats to travel to Valetta airport seasonally as well as regularly. Among the carriers covering routes from European cities to Malta all year round we count Air Malta, Alitalia, British Airways, Easyjet, Emirates,, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Ryanair, Scandinavian Airlines, Tui Fly, Turkish Airlines, Vueling and Wizz Air. Provided that your airline of choice is not included in the previous list, there is a possibility that it offers flights to Malta on a seasonal basis as is the case with Aegean Airlines, Luxair, Finnair, Swiss International Airlines, Iberia Express, Thomas Cook, Atlantic Airways, Czech Airlines, Air Serbia and Transavia.

Commuting from Malta airport to your hotel

When trying to find the best way to travel from the airport to your hotel in Malta, travellers have several means put at their disposal.

Firstly, there are four different express bus routes departing from the airport terminal to strategic points in the island: these routes are X1, X2, X3 and X4Travelling by bus from Malta airport is considered one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to do so, plus buses boast spacious luggage compartments so that you do not experience any issues regardless of how many bags you are carrying. Nevertheless, if you find out that the bus won’t take you close to your accommodation, you can always arrange a shuttle service either online or at the tourist office in the Welcomers Hall of the airport upon arrival.

For greater independence, taxis in Malta airport run services 24 hours a day and, despite this might be a slightly more expensive commute, pre-paid tickets for a flat prefixed fare according to the destination of your journey can be purchased at the Welcomers Hall. As an alternative, and as could not be otherwise, there are also car rental offices in the Arrivals area of the terminal.

Travelling from Malta to Gozo and Comino

The most popular means of transportation for travellers commuting from Malta to Gozo, from Malta to Comino or even between the small islands are ferry boats and water taxis. Journeys take about 30 minutes on average and, in order to take a ferry to Gozo or Comino, you must go to the Ferry Terminal in Valetta first, although some services also depart from Cirkewwa and other points in the island. In many cases, you will be able to take your car with you to get around the Maltese islands.

You are advised to head over to the Tourist Information office in Malta airport, found on the Welcomers Hall, as they will inform you of the most reliable ways to get to the ferries to Comino and Gozo and how to purchase your tickets.

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